Never! All Agenda products are cruelty-free, meaning neither our products nor any ingredients used in our formulas are tested on animals. 

Yes, there are no animal or animal by-products used in our formulas.

No, our products are made with both hair health and product performance in mind. This is why we use a blend of safe, synthetics, and natural ingredients in our formulas. If you have any questions about any ingredients in the products, we’d love to discuss. Please email us at support@agendalife.co or send us a message on Instagram @agendalifeco.

Yes! We specifically designed these formulas to work across hair types — the formulas do not weigh down hair and were tested across different hair types to ensure we could deliver the results you deserve.

Yes! These products are all gentle and won’t strip color or dry color out; they will moisturize and nourish your hair, colored or not.

All products have a universal Agenda scent; light, clean, and fresh with subtle hints of citrus. We wanted to complement our consumer’s perfumes while not being too overpowering. Our team has found the perfect balance, which we hope you enjoy!

All Agenda products are manufactured in Canada.

Yes! Ensure you’ve rinsed the bottle before taking it and the box to wherever you typically recycle plastics and cardboard.

We would love to hear from you! Email us at support@agendalife.co or send us a message on Instagram @agendalifeco.